Combination Keypad Door Locks

AA batteries unlock 10,000+ times!

Fits all standard doors

Full Manufacturers Warranty
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

iButton Door Locks are the smart choice in electronic keypad combination push-button entry door locks because they do more and cost less than most other mechanical or electronic key pad or combination entry door locks.

iButton Door Locks are the most flexible push-button, combination door locks we have found anywhere. They are loaded with great features which make them ideal for everything from homes to offices. They are especially well-suited for companies with multiple offices and landlords with rental property because these locks let you easily control who gets in and when!

E-V iButton/Keypad Combination Entry Door Lock
What is an iButton?

An iButton is a computer chip enclosed in a small, 16mm thick stainless steel can. What is an iButton?An iButton can be used virtually anywhere because it is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments, indoors or outdoors. It can be attach to a key fob and used to control access to buildings and computers, keep track of time and attendance with applicatins like JobClock, maintain audit trails, and perform many other data logging tasks.

What is an iButton Door Lock?

An iButton door lock is a lock that has an iButton on the outside (the secure side) of the lock.

Information is transferred to and from the door lock when a hand-held iButton (which is usually attached to a plastic key tag) is placed next to it.

The microprocessor inside the iButton on the lock communicates with the iButton on the key tag and decides if the lock should open or not. Since these tiny microprocessors know what time it is, iButton Locks can be programmed to open only during certain days and times.

What's more, because iButton locks can store information, some models can keep an audit trail of when they are opened and by whom. Audit trails can be transmitted from the iButton Lock to a master iButton key tag, and from there to a PC, where the data can be easily examined and the lock settings can be programmed.

iButton Locks can add and delete users individually, so when one person leaves, no one else's code has to change. This is a must-have feature for most businesses with more than a one or two employees.

iButtons are the smart choice for:

  • wireless, keyless entry door locks
  • electronic key pad locks
  • combination door locks
  • digital door locks
  • keypad entry door locks
  • proximity door locks
  • key tag locks

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mechanical lock
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that has a LIFE-TIME Warranty,

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iButton Locks can also be programmed with special one-time-use only codes, which can be handy if you are expecting a repair man.

How Can iButton Locks be Opened?
There are 4 quick and easy ways to open iButton Locks:
  • with an iButton (a small metal disc)
  • with a secret code entered on the key pad (if present)
  • with an iButton and a code (extra secure)
  • or with a traditional metal key (optional)
Where Can iButton Locks be Used?

iButton door locks are designed to retrofit onto just about any standard entry door in a home, office, lab, dormitory room, or apartment.

These are D.I.Y installations--in most cases, you won't need a locksmith.

You may not even need a handyman.

How Can iButton Locks be Programmed?
There are 2 simple and easy ways to program an iButton Lock:
  • on keypad (if the lock has one)

  • or with our special PC software
    (this is really handy if you have more than a few users)

What iButton Models are Available?
iButton Locks come in a variety of models and features:
  • The simplest iButton Locks come with just an iButton and a metal key, and do not have a keypad. These have either a door knob or a lever handle. These are programmed with a master iButton. These locks are usually installed in homes but they also work well in and small businesses, too.

  • The mid-range iButton Locks have a handy lighted key pad which lets you program them from either the key pad or with a master iButton which is programmed on a PC. These locks are usually installed in homes or small to mid-size businesses, since they make security management so easy and cost effective. These locks can be configured to keep an Audit Trail.

  • The high-end iButton Locks are specially designed to stand up well for frequent use in commercial settings. They also have a key pad, so they can be program either on the lock or or with a master iButton which is programmed on a PC. These locks can be configured to keep an Audit Trail.
What are the Unique Features of iButton Locks?
An iButton lock can...
  • handle up to 299 different users
  • hold up to 10 One-Time Use codes
  • grant users access within certain date & time ranges
  • adjust for Daylight Savings Time
  • automatically unlock and/or lock daily at a given time
  • be programmed right on the key pad, if present, or on a PC with purchase of an Audit Trail Kit
  • be temporarily disabled with the Quick Emergency Lockout mode will freeze lock in current state (locked or unlocked)
  • operate in either Storehouse Mode, which locks automatically every time it's closed or in Passage Mode, which holds door closed, but not locked
An iButton lock has...
  • a 1-Minute Security Lockout feature which kicks in automatically if wrong code is entered 3 times
  • a lighted keypad for dark or dim areas
  • takes 4 AA Batteries which last ~10,000 operations and has a visual low battery warning
  • an LED and/or beep to confirm correct key presses
  • a weatherproof rating

E-V iButton/Keypad Combination Entry Door Lock with Lighted Keypad with Right Handed Lever

E-V iButton/Keypad Combination Entry Door Lock with Lighted Keypad: Outside View Right Handed Lever Silver Finish

E-V iButton/Keypad Combination Entry Door Lock: Inside View  Right Handed Lever Silver Finish

How Do iButton Locks Codes Work?
The codes for an iButton lock...
  • can be programmed directly on the key pad or with a master iButton programmed on a PC
  • can be deleted one-by-one or in groups
  • can be granted access to multiple iButton locks, which is ideal for an office suite, apartment, or dorm
  • can be granted or restricted access during certain dates & time ranges
  • can be setup with ONE-TIME use codes (so you can let the plumber in one time only)

What are the iButton Lock's Options?

iButton locks can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on what you need. Some of these options come standard with certain models. Others, you can select at the time you place your order:

E-V iButton/Keypad Combination Entry Door Lock:  Outside View Showing Key Tag Silver Finish
  • Optional Key Pad
    • some iButton lock models have a key pad and some do not
    • some key pads are lighted, some are not

  • Optional Software Version
    • the Audit Trail Kit (ATK) keeps track of when it is opened, by whom,
      and how (iButton, key, or code)
    • the ATK can be programmed to allow one code access at inconsecutive times of the day
    • contains PC software, USB port adaptor, and adaptor cable

  • Optional Key Way
    • can be exchanged for any SFIC key way (Small Format Interchangeable Core), including Best or Schlage, so it will accept your own custom master key.
    • can be completely disabled so lock can't be picked or bumped

  • Finish Options
    • Silver
    • Gold

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